Aries: Live Your Passion

“Just do it.” Before it was a corporate slogan, this was the truth that belonged to a warrior named Ares. This primordial force walks through every moment of our lives. The part of the skies that belongs to this ancient, lusty warrior is the very first sign of the zodiac—Aries, the sign of the ram.

The names for Mars and for Aries contain the same ancient root—ar or ra. Both names carry the same fiery, creative, yang energy. It’s brash and headstrong. The energy that Mars and Aries carry is the driving force behind the explosion of life every spring and in every new beginning. They bring it through the cosmos to Earth, all the way into your birth chart–and your life. The locations of this planet and this sign in your cosmic blueprint are the places you can release the energy of the beginning into your life.

With his hot-headed ways, Mars can stir up strife–within you and around you. He’s not afraid of conflict. In fact, he thrives on it. There’s only one thing he really cares about, and that’s getting what he wants. Mars carries the power of desire, which Hindu and Greek lore tells us brought the world into being.

He’s often rough around the edges and the object of his passion is definitely the center of attention. That’s what it takes to push the green shoots of spring through dark, resistant ground to the sunlight–in the world and in your life.

Mas is too purpose-driven to be a hypocrite or a people-pleaser. He’s way too much in touch with the passion that is his life-blood for that. He’s far too focused on a future he can sense, if he can’t quite see. .

It’ true that Mars talks much better than he listens. There’s no doubt that Aries is an energy that’s much better at starting things than seeing them through to the end. Like I said, pushing the life force into the world is their top priority and their huge contribution. Mars and Aries make it happen.

That’s Aries Power–the power of action. It’s what you need wherever the life force is breaking through the ground within you, or around you. At this moment, our need for the Aries Power within us is urgent. More than ever, we need the passion and the courage to blaze new trails towards our heart’s desire. Those well-worn highways that we think are the best we can hope for–they’re crumbling beneath our feet.

It turns out, though that we’re in luck. We live in a time when Mars’ sign of Aries is at the energetic forefront. Uranus, the Cosmic Liberator, is traveling through the Sign of the Ram, beginning a new 84-year cycle of human potential. From the energy of the Beginning, the Liberator is challenging another mighty cosmic force–Pluto, the Cosmic Transformer.

In the coming months and years, these two will square off not once, not twice, but a nearly unprecedented seven times. In the process they will reshape our reality. The vibrations will echo throughout our world—and throughout your chart. In fact, they already are.

Want to kick-start this energy in your life? Put on something red (Aries’ color), wear diamonds, or surround yourself with poppies or geraniums (its flowers). Then head for the playing court—a field, a gym, or the bedroom—and get physical. Find what ignites your deepest passion. Be that. Start moving towards it. That’s Mars’ gift to you: spring, in your own heart, your own soul, your own life..