Leo: Open the Great Heart

Leo carries the greatest power in the cosmos—the power of the open heart. Leo’s ruler, the Sun, carries the divine spark at the heart of our solar system. That very spark is at the core of your life. The knowledge it contains is encoded within your cosmic DNA: you are a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated miracle, fully invested with the power of the Mystery.

Since ancient times, Leo and its ruling star have been associated with the lion. With his mane radiating outward like the Sun’s brilliant rays, the lion’s ancient attributes are power, strength, courage, nobility—and a great heart. Leo connects us with the great heart of our star and of our own true being.

Leo’s best qualities–generosity, loyalty, warmth, and kindness—are inseparable from the creativity, spontaneity, and joy of the Divine Child within us. Leo rules the stage and it’s no surprise that many world-class performers are born under this sign. They include Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Sting, Glenn Close, Lucille Ball, and Kate Hudson.

Our culture has been so mesmerized with mind power that we’ve been blinded in recent centuries to the far greater power of the heart. Increasingly, however, science itself is helping us see what the great teachers have long told us. From its emotional intelligence to its ability to enhance cognitive functioning, the heart is the superior, guiding function. The heart’s electromagnetic field is many times more powerful than the brain’s. When aligned with the heart’s rhythm, the brain actually functions in a much more coherent, efficient, and alert state.

Our own Deep Memory, however, remembers what our culture has forgotten: the heart is the seat of an intelligence that is sourced in the Mystery. This intelligence is intertwined with both courage and imagination. Both qualities are central to an archetype that’s been linked with Leo since ancient times–the hero. Like the Sun, we too are born anew with each dawn, rising from the Dream World to set forth on the adventures that await us. Each night, we  descend again into the underworld of sleep and dreams to be reborn’ again the following morning.

Tne Sun’s Cosmic Quest

As the star we are always orbiting journeys through space, we go too.  We’re participants in the Sun’s cosmic quest. The key points in this journey—such as the Sun’s passage over the Galactic Equator—mark hinges not only for life on Earth, but for the Sun’s life as well.

Many indigenous and esoteric teachings said first what modern astrophysicists have recently discovered.  The Sun is not a static being, but an evolving one. We are living in a time of  rapid acceleration in our Star’s life.  In the view of spiritual teachers from the ancient culture of the Maya, a “new Sun,” with an expanded connection to the rest of the cosmos, is currently being created within the heart of the Sun.

Will this expanded Sun bring growth to our own abilities to absorb and transmit the Light that sustains life on all levels. Will we experiences surges of energy and of heart’s intelligence as our Sun evolves?

As the Sun sends more and more of its own matter into the Universe during the solar maximum phase of its 11-year cycle of activity, Earth is receiving ever more intense solar radiation. Although this energy is not harmful to life,  many people report being disoriented, confused, or ill during and after these solar storms.  Increasing solar turbulence is predicted for the year ahead, and with it will come increased disequilibrium as we absorb the star energies streaming towards us.

Want to unleash the power of your cosmic heart? Try these:

  •  cultivate the inner light through a spiritual practice.
  • Wear Leo’s colors, orange and reds.
  • Sit under the pines (Leo’s tree) and surround yourself with marigolds (its flower).

And look to four places in your birth chart:

  •  The House with Leo on the cusp, a part of your life where you shine.  Here is where you can be authoritative and confident—and where you expect, and need, an audience and some royal treatment.
  • Feed the 5th House of Joy in your birth chart.
  • Planets in Leo will be royal, magnanimous, creative, warm, generous, dramatic, and leadership.  And it will always be on stage, commanding aattention and entertaining your heart and mind.
  • The house where the Sun is located. The Sun’s very presence makes this an area of great strength in your life. The Sun in the 2nd House will bring income through self-expression and executive ability. An 11th House Sun is drawn to friendships and groups that reflect its own sense of self-worth, and is certain to play a starring role in this part of life.