Begin Within. Dare Seriously: First-Quarter Moon

Tomorrow's 1st Quarter Moon in Leo brings a series of quintiles.

Tomorrow’s 1st Quarter Moon in Leo brings a series of quintiles.

It’s time, the Universe is whispering to you:  it’s time to get moving.   And indeed, we are moving — from one sacred fire to another, within 24 hours.  From Monday night’s  Beltane fires, we move to Tuesday’s 1st Quarter Moon in Leo, the sign of our Star.

As the energy seeded by last week’s solar eclipse gains a foothold in your life, the newness of its life makes itself known.  Writer Eudora Welty captured an essential reality about that seed this way:  “For all serious daring starts from within.”

She was right.  And by the 1st  Quarter Moon, it feels awkward.  Uncomfortable. Not doable. It’s not going to fit in easily with the status quo.  It’s disruptive.  It disturbs the peace.  Otherwise, it’s not doing its job. The week following a New Moon – especially when it’s an eclipse — is a time when it’s far more important to listen to “what can be” than to “what has been.”


If you’re tempted to abandon the seed — don’t. Instead, find the action that you can take to move things forward. That’s the purpose of any 1st Quarter Square, whenever it occurs in the relationship between two bodies in the sky.

Squares are actually highly creative.  The dynamism of squares and oppositions are the cosmic mechanisms of evolution.

Taking Right Action

As the Sun and Moon approach the 1st Quarter square in the new life they created last week, they’re pushing you to think deeply about another ancient yet  timely concept –right action — and then take it.

If the action that’s called for was easy, it wouldn’t be a crisis — and the energy your future needs   wouldn’t be generated.

The five-pointed star is often called the pentagram of Venus, as 5 is one of 3 recurrent numbers in her cycle, along with 8 and 13.
The five-pointed star is often called the pentagram of Venus, as 5 is one of 3 recurrent numbers in her cycle, along with 8 and 13.

More Number Magic of the Goddess: Five Quintiles

There’s a lot at stake for every thing on the Earth right now, including you.  that’s why the Universe is stacking the decks in your favor with:

  • A cascade of expansion, optimism, and gratitude, as Jupiter and the Sun create new opportunities for growth and expansion, helps us understand this.   It’s the final  opportunity created from the new beginning that the Sun and Jupiter created last summer, when they conjoined in Gemini on June 19.
  • A bouquet of inspired and visionary energies, in the form of the five quintiles that are forming in this week’s skies – three of them on the day of tomorrow’s 1st Quarter Moon.

A quintile forms when two planets are 72 degrees — a 5th of the zodiac – apart.     Associated with genius, inspiration, and vision, the quintile dials up the high-vibrational magic of the Universe — or, as astrologer Bill Tierney puts it, “channels the Cosmos.”  And this week, we have five of them.

How to Tap the Quintile Magic

Taking advantage of this profound but subtle energy in your own life will mean:

  • paying attention,
  • staying grounded,
  • listening to your dreams,
  •  meditating (or focusing on your spiritual practice), and
  •  believing.

Here’s what Tuesday’s quintiles bring to the mission:

  • Deep and ground breaking change, aligned with your own passionate truths — compliments of Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries,
  • Achievement of your heart’s desires through creativity rather than confrontation — thanks to the Sun and Mars
  • Balancing right and left brain functions and enhancing deeper, more intuitive yet precise levels of awareness  — courtesy of Chiron and Mercury (Friday)
  • Wiring your creativity with the unlimited inspiration, vision, and intuition, thanks to Sun and Neptune.



 Reality Check, Compliments of Saturn

Just before the 1st Quarter Moon becomes exact, Luna squares Saturn. That’s always an emotional wake-up, and one that rarely feels good in the moment.  But  it’s important.  How do we know?  As soon as she makes this square, our 1st Quarter Moon goes Void of Course.

While Saturn’s squares to the Moon trigger feelings of being blocked, what the Cosmic Manifestor is confronting us with is something important. 

Right now, it’s self-reliance.  Approval from authority figures, rewards for hard work, ease in self-expression — none of it will be forthcoming.  It’s not what we need now.  Instead, it’s time to turn within.

Into the Void with Our 1st Quarter Moon

After squaring Saturn, Luna goes void of course at 10:50 a.m. UT.  Until she enters Virgo at 6:24 a.m. UT, she’s in between realities.  It’s a time when  doing is far less important than being.  It’s time to nourish being, to keep a low profile and rejuvenate.  This is how the lunar realm restores and renews life. If you don’t participate, it can’t happen within you.

Tonight, while Luna is in the Void, the Messenger enters Gemini.  That’s Mercury’s own sign, and he comes alive here as nowhere else in the sky. Here he’ll be for 21 days.

We’re finally ready to process all we’ve come through  — two eclipses, a Cardinal Cross, and the 5th of Uranus and Pluto’s seven squares, and the enormous shifts they brought about.  While the Messenger is in his own sign of Gemini, we’ll talk about it, think about it, write about it, network about it.

This process begins where everything does — within, during today’s long, void of course moon.   Don’t waste a minute of it. Dare seriously.  Begin within.