Cosmic Wisdom for Transformational Times

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We’re living in the midst of the most extraordinary energetic cycles the Earth has experienced in centuries. Your life, your relationships, and everything else in your world are in a process of profound transformation. The nature, the meaning, and the time frames of these changes are all described by your one-of-a-kind birth chart.

All my readings include take-away tools to help you integrate the perspective of the stars into the choices and decisions you make in your day-to-day life:

  • Link to downloadable digital recording of our session.
  • Keyword lists that explain the meaning of the signs, planets,houses, and aspects.
  • Copies of all charts we discuss.
  • Optional written list of transit dates and descriptions, for a minimal additional charge (see below).


The Power of You

Your birth chart maps the unique cosmic energy pattern that you absorbed at the moment of your birth. There is more information in your birth chart than any single reading could possibly cover. That’s why more and more of my clients find themselves returning for additional readings—to understand more about the powerful transits that are unfolding and the best ways to collaborate with the Cosmos to fulfill their goals and turn their dreams into realities.

Single Reading  ($188)

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Additional option: Written list of transits,

with dates and descriptions – $29