Astrology: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Astrology is the oldest way of understanding reality on Earth.

Every human culture has watched the skies and connected what they saw to life on Earth. Out of watching grew a body of knowledge simultaneously intuitive and analytical, at once practical and cosmic.


As the first body of knowledge, astrology lies at the roots of everything. The first astrologers were priests. The first astronomers were astrologers. For millennia, every royal court had its astrologer, advising the royals on politics, economics, and diplomacy. The first universities in the West included chairs of astrology, astronomy, and mathematics. Among the founders of the Scientific Revolution were astrologers – men like Galileo, Copernicus, and Johannes Kepler. Astrology was the first whole-brain system.


In recent centuries, though, astrology went underground. Left-brain power ran amok. Dissection, analysis, and logic came to define the shrunken human mind. Reason was finally severed from intuition, mind was finally split from body, and cosmic was finally cut off from mundane. Reality became divided, and so did we.


Cut off from the deepest sources of wisdom and knowledge – the cosmic matrix — we found ourselves more and more adrift in an increasingly chaotic world. Less and less of the authentic power that is our cosmic birthright became available to us.


Never has astrology had more to offer than it does this very day. Rooted in the ancient wisdom traditions on which the world’s civilizations are founded, its insights are astonishingly relevant to all today who are seeking a path to the future that rings true to our souls.

The holistic astrological cosmos provides a framework that can help us mend a broken reality. After centuries of dissection, analysis, domination, and division, these broken shards are everywhere — in our own psyches, in our own lives, and in our own world. They’re in our jobs, our relationships, and the dis-ease of our bodies – and also in our schools, our workplaces, and our governments. Astrology is one way to begin to find a path back to wholeness – a path that begins within our own hearts, our own minds, and our own souls.