Special Buddha Moon offers! * Your 2015 Manifestation Map *

Know where the powerful energies of 2015 are creating new opportunity in your one-of-a-kind energy pattern. Using transits, lunations, and progressions to your natal birth chart, we’ll:

  • Identify the concrete, practical actions that will help you ground the dynamic energies of this new lunar year, moment-to-moment and day-to-day.
  • Learn the most auspicious times for bringing new beginnings into prosperous maturity.
  • Target the specific areas and energies of your life that hold the most promise for breakthrough and turnaround.

* The Big Re-think of 2015, Round 2 *

Be prepared for Mercury’s dive beneath the surface of your life on May 18. The power of this retrograde for snafus and shape shifting is magnified by the fact that the Messenger in his own sign of Gemini. Looking at the parts of your life that will be most effected, this reading will prepare you to use this retrograde to re-wire your reality and re-do everything from the way you communicate to your financial opportunities.

Each reading is $110 for one hour or $155 for two hours.

Save over 25% and get both readings for $195 (two one-hour readings) or $233 (two two-hour readings)

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