First Quarter Moon: Into the Ancient & Future Now

Today’s first quarter moon brings a note of crisis to the energetic mix. You’ve probably heard that there are two Chinese characters for the word “crisis,” one of them meaning “danger” and the other, “opportunity.”  The translation we’ve heard for years, though, is not accurate. One of the two characters does indeed mean “danger.”  The […]

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At the Sacred Well: Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 2012

Like all lunar eclipses, the last one of 2012 is a cosmic “reveal,” coming to show us something big–something enormous, in fact. Where it lies is just beneath our awareness. What it can change is everything. The last major cosmic event before the fabled Winter Solstic of 2012–a gateway to the deep, world-creating level of mythos—comes packed with power.  […]

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When Breakthrough Feels Like Blow-Up: Full Moon in Aries

This weekend the Universe is pulling out the stops to shake us loose from whatever are keeping us stuck in dynamics that just aren’t big enough for the new life that is trying to be born in us—and in our world. In many ways, tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon is a repeat of last week’s Uranus-Pluto square […]

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