Jupiter retrograde

Deep Breakthrough: Jupiter Squares Uranus, Round 2

Tonight, the square that’s been building for weeks between Jupiter and Uranus becomes exact. A long-term process of breakthrough is being seeded at a very deep level with the energy that’s being released tonight.  The Moon has entered the Balsamic Phase which prepares the ground for Friday’s Pisces New Moon to work some creative magic. […]

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At the Sacred Well: Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 2012

Like all lunar eclipses, the last one of 2012 is a cosmic “reveal,” coming to show us something big–something enormous, in fact. Where it lies is just beneath our awareness. What it can change is everything. The last major cosmic event before the fabled Winter Solstic of 2012–a gateway to the deep, world-creating level of mythos—comes packed with power.  […]

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Turning Up the Heat on the Cosmic Feminine

It happens so often we don’t even notice. The Cosmic Feminine is where she almost always is–at the pivot point of the cosmos’ transformative processes. It’s through the Cosmic Feminine energies–Venus and the Moon–that we’re able to take Life into ourselves. She rules what we love and value, how we nurture and relate. She presides over […]

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