Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

A Pisces Sky with Retrograde Saturn: How to Restructure Your Reality

  Two big events took place in this morning’s sky:  First, the Sun moved into Pisces, where he’ll begin a three-day meeting with Neptune the Mystic tomorrow morning (yes, you’re definitely going to be feeling a little less detail-oriented tomorrow) .  And Saturn began his first retrograde vision quest in Scorpio in almost exactly 29 years. Pisces is the […]

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Aquarius New Moon in a Pisces Sky: A Cosmic Redemption Song

    We are deep into the three days surrounding each New Moon that’s known as the Dark Moon.  It is a time of magic and mystery.  We shed the dead skin from our lives and  are opened to the powers of the invisible world.  The merging of solar and lunar energy at the New […]

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