Putting a Broken Reality Back Together: Mercury into Gemini

Just hours ago, the Cosmic Messenger entered his own part of the zodiac.  Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is the perfect home for Mercury, who rules our our perception of reality and the way we communicate it.  For like Gemini — and Mercury himself — our brains are twinned as well. In recent centuries, […]

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Bringing the Magic into the Future: Mercury on the North Node, Venus on the Mercury Retrograde Point

We’re traveling now through the last half of the sign of Sagittarius, a portion of the sky where the milestones are the biggest mysteries in the entire Universe. Wherever the sign of Sagittarius falls in our inner sky, the radiant light of our star is bringing us face to face with the Great Mystery. We’ve encountered […]

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Pivot Point

Mercury and Venus are subtly and profoundly charging reality with a precise and specialized form of power today. It’s not the power to do. That comes in a few days. Today, we have the power to become aware and to choose. All summer we’ve been absorbing the backdrop of some truly extraordinary cosmic events we’ve experienced. […]

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