Venus squares Mars: Sparks Fly in the Skies

When Venus and Mars clash, sparks fly.  And energy is generated — precisely the energy you need to take your next leap and play a bigger game.  Here’s the drama playing out in the skies around you — and within you — over the next few days: Venus is now just past the magnetic heart […]

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In the Heart of the Cosmic Serpent: The 2012 Scorpio Solar Eclipse

  We woke this morning to a cosmic mandate: shed your dead skin. As day broke over the Eastern time zone in the U.S., tomorrow’s total solar eclipse in Scorpio was less than 36 hours away. Luna prepared to move simultaneously into the deepest portion of her Dark Moon phase and into Scorpio, the portion […]

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Breaking Down and Breaking Through: Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon

We are deep in the force field of tomorrow afternoon’s powerful Taurus Moon (3:49 pm EDT).  This weekend has brought a dramatic shift in energies, as the volatile yang vibrations of fire and air came whirling into a yin sky, full of earth and water.   Venus’ and Mercury add to the heat as Venus enters Libra—and […]

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