About Star Sister Astrology

Your life’s story is a cosmic story—just like mine is. Like you, every atom in my body was made in a star.

The ceaseless vibrations of every spinning, pulsing particle in the cosmos is constantly messaging the molecules of my dreams and the atoms of my soul–just like yours.


I knew almost nothing about astrology when my birth chart was read for the first time, 28 years ago. I did it for the same reason that most people come to me for a reading. A dear friend who’d just had her chart read was urging me to do the same. Her suggestion wasn’t casual. It was insistent, urgent, and heartfelt. Intrigued about what had made such a deep impression, I took her advice.


Right then, right there, I was hooked—immediately, deeply, and forever.


What hooked me was hearing my life told back to me as if from the inside. What riveted me was the sense that everything that had ever happened to me made perfect sense.  My destiny was unfolding right on time. Even the things that didn’t match up at all with what I wanted or the way I’d been taught they should be–everything was happening in harmony with a bigger picture.


What compelled me was seeing that my story was part of a bigger one—a story that stretched across the Universe and throughout time, just like yours does. What awed me was realizing that I was in no way separate from the Universe. I wasn’t alone at all. I carried the cosmos within me— just like you do.


It was when I faced the greatest crisis of my life that I began to understand the true depth and power of this ancient wisdom tradition. Losing my job in the midst of a serious health crisis, abandoned by several I’d considered my closest friends, split open by fear, I looked through my birth chart into my soul. Astrology gave me a map that I used not only to heal my body, but to find a path to life. My birth chart is unique in all the universe—just like yours. It led me to a life I would have never dreamed was possible.


Out of this time of terror, risk, healing, and joy, Star Sister Astrology was born. I began to talk with more and more friends, and the friends of friends, about their cosmic blueprints. I began to understand that the same deep forces that were transforming my life are seeking every possible way to enter and transform our beautiful, imperiled world. These transformative paths that the Universe is taking couldn’t be closer.  They’re your life and mine, your consciousness and mine, your heart and mine. We can see these paths in our birth charts. When we do, we can find them more easily in our lives.


Star Sister was the nickname that a dear friend began to call me, and it stuck. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that Star Sister is not a person. She’s an energy. She’s the wisdom deep within us all—the place where we know we are unique and irreplaceable parts of something wondrous and powerful. This is a place where we can learn from the Universe and from each other. I hope you’ll come here often. I hope you’ll join Star Sister’s community and subscribe to my blog and mailing ist. Together we’re finding our unique paths to our best futures in our best world.