Pisces: Be the Mystery

Pisces is the sea where everything flows, returning to the source.  All the ways we enter that sea until the moment of our last breath are found in this territory in the skies.  Pisces brings  release from the harsh realities of Satun’s realm– in dreams, creativity, love, and mystic union.  Sometimes it’ real and sometimes it’s not.  Pisces rules fantasy, inspiration and  illusion.   Wherever Pisces’ ruler Neptune appears, the sharp, solid lines that separate us from the Cosmic Mystery begin to dissolve.  And when they do, we glimpse a far more transcendent reality.

It is a Piscean truth that out of primordial chaos, creation comes. The mystic, the magician, the musician, the poet—all find their home here. So do the angels, fairies, and devas.  Drug addicts, alcoholics, the insane and the homeless all belong to the sign of the Fish.

Wherever Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, travels through the zodiac, we feel it.  His vibration is irresistibly potent because it’s so subtle. It’s like mist, or fog (both of which he rules, natch).  Neptune’s greatest effects aren’t in our conscious minds. They take place on the deeper and far more powerful level just beneath our awareness.  Our dreams, our longings, even what we consider hip or cool–these are Neptune’s targets.  

The sign that the Cosmic Dreamer occupies at any given time defines the dream we’re all seeking to realize, in one way or another.  Changes in fashion–from clothes to lifestyles–reveal Neptune’s footprint.  We think we’re separate.  The Cosmic Dreamer knows that in fact we are united, just beneath the surface of awareness.

Neptune’s sojourn in truth-seeking, globe-trotting Sagittarius, from January 1970 until November 1984, was a time nearly everyone took at least one long journey of mind, body, and spirit.  A massive global cultural exchange brought spiritual traditions, literature, clothing styles, and food from far-flung points on the globe to the West.

 As the ruler of Pisces headed into the hierarchical sign of Capricorn, the zeitgeist veered to the right, towards the corporate world.  Almost overnight, many inhabitants of the counter-culture transformed themselves into young, upwardly mobile professionals.

The Internet existed In 1997, when Neptune entered the innovative, humanitarian, and knowledge-oriented sign of Aquarius.  It was hardly ubiquitous, though. Cell phones had arrived on the scene, but few could have imagined the smart phones, iPods, Kindles, and iPads that transformed the culture almost overnight. Our world has been forever changed by devices that gives s instant access to almost any bit of knowledge, from virtually any point on the globe at any time in human history.

And now Neptune has returned to Pisces. His entry into his own sign in April 2012 marked the end of one complete cycle through the zodiac since his discovery in 1846.  Now we’re experiencing him at  a new level of awareness.

When Neptune entered Pisces 165 years ago,  a Russian aristocrat named Helena Blavatsky was 17 years old.  The precocious scholar of ancient wisdom literature, became a major force in the astonishing flowering of long-hidden ideas and teachings about spirital reality  throughout the 19th century.

By the time Neptune left Pisces in 1860,  Americans could no longer tolerate the existence of slavery. One of the defining moments in U.S. history, the Civil War, had begun. The legacy of his mid-century journey through his own sign would be felt forever on American religious life as well.   All the major leaders of the New Thought movement had been born by 1860. They would grow up to found the Church of Religious Science, the Unity Church, and the Church of Divine Science.

Tapping the Mystical and Creative power of Pisces in Your Inner Cosmos

  • Surround yourself with green and silver. Wear it. Decorate with it.  Paint with it.
  • Wear aquamarine jewelry.
  • Buy lilacs.
  • Be near water. Make the ocean your default vacation spot. Large, small, or miniscule, create  fountains, ponds, and pools inside and out.  
  • Listen often to beautiful music that inspires yo.  Better yet, play it and/or write it.
  • Learn the art of visualization. Practice it.
  • Read poetry. Better yet, write it

And go to these four places in your birth chart:

  • The 12th House of your chart. No matter the sign on the cusp, this is the ashram of your inner universe..It’s the realm you visit in sleep and dreaming, where you spend a third of your life restoring your body and your soul.  It’s the unconscious mind and all yo’re not aware of. It’s where yo make contact with the spirit world.  The 3rd eye, seat of intuitive sight, is contacted here, along with prayer, visualization, and meditation.
  • The house of your birth chart with Pisces on the cusp will be introverted, intuitive, imaginative, sensitive, and empathetic—and full of Pisces’ mystical power and perhaps also a struggle with addiction and other forms of self-undoing.
  •  Planets in Pisces will be creative, imaginative, spiritual and intuitive.  Sympathetic and forgiving. 
  • The house where the planet Neptune is located will be the area where you are most inspired, and most likely to be confused when it comes to details. This is where your compassion and sense of the unity of life is aroused, and where you are likely to be extremely creative and intuitive.