Before the Eclipse: Entering the Sacred Space


You’ve entered sacred space. In less than 27 hours, Luna will move across the face of the Sun. As she completely blocks the outer light of our Star, we’ll enter the fertile, creative Void from which everything emerges. There, the two great lights of our solar system, and of your life, will merge their energies in 29 degrees and 29 minutes of Pisces. In the space between the worlds, the seed of a new reality will be created.

Thirteen hours later, the Sun will cross the Aries Point, and everything will begin anew.

Both Luna and Sol have been preparing themselves for this moment. For a week now, massive solar flares have been unfurling from the Sun and great solar winds have swept towards Earth and her Moon. Since Uranus and Pluto made the last of their seven exact squares two days ago, Luna has made contact with each of the seven planets closest to the Earth. She’s checking in with the core energies who structure our shared, three-dimensional reality..

Luna and Sol aren’t alone in preparing for their upcoming encounter. Early this morning, Mercury conjoined Neptune, bringing you messages from the Oneness and beginning a new cycle of dreaming the Mystery into being.

Tomorrow, Venus enters the degree where Chiron was discovered almost 38 years ago. It’s still charged with the vibrations of that moment when we first connected with the multidimensional frequencies. As we approach the eclipse, the great cosmic Love Goddess will be helping you to love, value, and most importantly, to magnetize multidimensional intelligence and guidance as you step out of a dead past and into a renewed and vibrant Now.

Until then, Luna is showing you what to do. Let go of the patterns that are too small for who you really are: a cosmic miracle, wrapped in a cosmic Mystery. Prepare to make yourself, and th life all around you, new.