“I feel immensely grateful to Marcia of Star Sister Astrology, for her insightful interpretation of my energetic, cosmic blueprint, and transits for 2015. I sensed that Marcia shared from a deep place of ancient wisdom that has been gathered over lifetimes of lived experience as a woman, and of sensitively guiding others with her vast knowledge of this ancient cosmic wisdom. Past astrological readings pale in comparison to what Marcia interpreted for me. For the first time in my life, I am deeply grateful for the influences and aspects of my birth chart that have shaped me, and guided me along my unique path to now. Marcia’s way of sharing how I’ve dealt with my past, and what influences greet me now, moved and affirmed me at a soul level. I now treasure my strengths and aspects that were sometimes dishonoured by others. I’m very happy that I followed my intuition to have you read for me Marcia, and blessed to have this experience with you ” – MT, Australia


“Marcia is “streaming live” the ever-present energy of your personal connection tot he Universe. It strikes you about 10 minutes into the session that this is no ordinary woman, no ordinary mind, no ordinary connection.” –  SB, New Jersey, USA


“How profound and very  moving your reading was for me. Over the past couple of days, the words, myths, stories and thoughts have sat with me in the most beautiful way, and a hope for the future I have not had in years has spread over my life, and my reason to be here. So I bow to you. It has been a honor to have someone like you, take the time to do research about my chart, and bring such great gifts from the cosmos, you truly are a very special astrology reader, but also a special soul.  Even my view of my day to day life has changed, something very special transpired with the reading, and will always be with me; one of the great gifts of my life, actually.”  – OA, Ireland


“I accepted an invitation for initiation from her to claim my cosmic blessings by diving into my heart and believe me that is a LEAP A FLYING LEAP for me, I got exactly what I wanted from this reading, to make my hearts truth my central reality and make it real I was just sure I couldn’t pin point it together  to get her,  I did,  I Am,  WOW AMAZING PRESENCE AND SKILL, SOME SHAMAN.  If you wonder what the stars are saying, Star Sister knows.” –  KC, Florida, USA


“I am simply so grateful for your work.” –  BH, Virginia


“I wasn’t expecting to learn anything about my husband in my reading, but I did! When you explained how Aries are passionately driven, goal-oriented people it helped me better understand my husband’s intense work schedule and a bunch of other stuff about him. But then you interwove that with my Cancer sensibilities and how well it can work with Aries. I felt like my marriage had a shot in the arm.” – MW


“My reading reconnected me to my core self, which I had lost touch with trying to be someone others expected me to be. My new-found belief in myself has enabled me to begin plans to start my own business that speaks to who I am and makes me happy. For me, that’s a great return on a $155 investment. Thank you, Star Sister!”


“My partner and I decided to give each other a gift of a couples reading with Marcia. Let’s face it, after nineteen years together we had run out of meaningful gift ideas. It was very enlightening. I learned that as a Cancer she needs to retreat to her crab shell sometimes and that I shouldn’t take that personally. My partner told me that the most important thing she learned about me was that, as a Pisces, I tend to be a dreamer, which sometimes had irritated her. We came away with a new appreciation for each other, and that’s saying something after nearly two decades together.” – JP


“It’s fun to get a reading! As Star Sister explored my chart with me I kept thinking, “Yeah, that is so totally who I am.” Very affirming.”  – JQ


“Several years ago I suffered an emotional trauma that I just couldn’t get past. I tried therapy more than once but I just couldn’t make a breakthrough and kept holding on to my pain. A concerned friend suggested a reading by Marcia Wade. I didn’t hold out any hope for it, but nothing else was working so I scheduled a reading. With gentle guidance, Marcia helped me recognize where I felt pain, how I felt pain that was particular to me. Finally, I was able to get a harness on my pain and start to move beyond it. I’m indebted to Marcia for that.”  – LG


“I was so happy to see that Marcia had started a subscription service so that I could have access to her vast knowledge all the time. It’s just helpful to me.” – GT


“I never thought I would say that astrology has anything to do with real life, but Star Sister has made a believer out of me! Thanks to my girlfriend for a great birthday present.” – DM

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