A Tale of Two Hurricanes–and You, Part 2

Since finishing my post on Hurricanes Isaac and Katrina this morning,I’ve realized that I hadn’t actually finished. I’d only begun.  (Is your life, like mine, that way more often that not?)  All day I have continued to be haunted by three things.  One is John Nelson’s achingly, lyrically beautifully map and the Deep Truth it depicts:  each event […]

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A Tale of Two Hurricanes–and You

Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and earthquakes happen not just on the macrocosm.  They aso happen on the microcosm.  In your life as on the world stage, they are primal encounters with the four elements that shape reality, within us and arond us. When these mighty elemental storms strike, they remind us of our smallness and the fragility of the […]

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