Libra New Moon: The Metamorphosis is Coming–for You

Massive energetic storms have shaken both our world and our lives in recent months. They haven’t taken place in physical reality. Instead, these mighty tempests have occurred on the  energetic level.  Invisible and extremely powerful, this is where the roots of all that we experience are located.  It’s where the structures of consciousness that hold our reality in place are formed.

Although we haven’t been able to see the energetic turbulence with our physical eyes, we’ve felt them.  Their effects are visible everywhere we look.  In the lives of the clients whose charts I’ve been reading, these powerful storms have cleared the way for an astonishing, dramatic, and often exhilarating dimension of possibility.

Metamorphosis in Progress

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that something profound and mysterious is happening, within us and around us.  The word “metamorphosis” comes closest to capturing it. Originating in the Greek words “meta” (to change) and “morphe” (form), “metamorphosis” came into the language during a time that much like this one–the Renaissance.  Like our times, the Renaissance was brimming with turbulence, power, and  reconnection with the wisdom traditions of the ancient world.  Like our times can also be, it was a time when humanity reclaimed an enormous amount of power from moribund institutions.

What is the nature of the metamorphosis we are in the midst of during the second decade of the 21st century? And what does this metamorphosis mean for us? This is the question that comes to life in all the charts I’m reading these days–and so do the answers, as universal and as unique as every birth chart and the human life that it maps.

A compelling response to this question comes from the Universe on Monday. It too will come in a unique form to every birth chart. A prophetic and joyous New Moon in Libra will be aligned with two great and powerful stars, Spica and Eta Carinae.  As they come together in the same degree of the sky, the Sun and Moon will focus this luminous stellar energy Earthward.  Wherever 22 degrees of Libra falls in the Cosmos that lives within each one of us, this energy will will enter our lives.

Tapping the New Moon’s Field of Wholeness

Each month’s new moon forms a deeply creative energy field of wholeness.  When we formulate intentions with our hearts, minds, and spirits at each New Moon, we tap its creative power and draw our heart’s desires into the world of form. For, as astrology shows us over and over, we are in no way separate from the Cosmos.  We are interconnected with it in every cell of our being.

The sky in which the upcoming New Moon unfolds is saturated with the power of metamorphosis.  That’s no surprise.  As one of the dynamic cardinal signs, Libra is a change agent.  As one of the two signs that Venus, the Cosmic Feminine, rules, its primary energy is relatedness. This New Moon’s changes will come into your life through relationship.

The lunation itself takes place in 22 degrees of Libra. “Chanticleer’s voice herald[ing] sunrise” is its Sabian symbol.  Chanticleer is another word from the Renaissance, used by both Shakespeare and Montaigne to describe the cock who crows before dawn and heralds a new day.  An Old French word, it means “to sing clear.”

Here’s what Dane Rudhyar has to say about the symbol in “An Astrological Mandala”:

“A beautiful symbol of the ability, demonstrated by all pioneers and cosmically attuned individuals, to give voice to what is as yet unmanifested, but is on the way to manifestation.  . . . It is the vivid recognition of the as yet unknown in the known.”

A Star-Powered Transformation

One of the two great celestial objects infusing its energy into this lunation is the fabled Spica.  Known since ancient times as “the fortunate one,” Spica is a binary star.  It’s not one star but two, whirling around each other in an eternal cosmic dance.

The star of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the sign of Virgo, Spica has long regarded as one of the most fortunate of stars.  It is associated with a host of worldly gifts, from fame and honor to wealth and glamour.

The other star filling the Libra New Moon with dynamic potency is Eta Carinae. This is the most massive and energetic star in our galaxy.  Five million times more energetically powerful than our own Sun, Eta Carinae is “the foreteller of impending evolutionary change” and “instructor of the way through impending evolutionary transitions,” as Nick Anthony Fiorenza ( puts it.

It Isn’t Happening to You–It’s Happening Within You

The view of our world from the physical plane seems bleak.  On the mental and emotional planes, it’s not much more promising. The level where worlds begin and end, however, lies beneath and beyond these—at the energetic level. This is where the metamorphosis is occurring.  It’s happening every minute, all around you and deep within you.  And at the Libra New Moon, it’s singing to you. The song is of the new day already dawning.

Prayer for the New Dawn at the Libra New Moon

Every New Moon is preceded by a Dark Moon period that asks us to die energetically to the old cycle that is ending, so that we may have room within ourselves for the new beginning that the New Moon will bring.  As we enter this deep inner night, may we empty ourselves of all that prevents us from receiving the energy of the new world being born.  May we align our hearts, minds, and spirits with the dawn that is coming. May we embrace its energy of the relatedness of all things. May its dynamism renew our lives. When the New Moon arrives (at 8:03 pm EDT), may we hear chanticleer singing.  As we set forth our own heart’s desires, may we join the song.